VBA on PPT HomeKey EndKey

I have two simple macros in MS Word 2010:

Sub Home()
  ' Bound to C-a :)
  Selection.HomeKey Unit:=wdLine
End Sub

Sub End()
  ' Bound to C-e :)
  Selection.EndKey Unit:=wdLine
End Sub

in the spirit of this old post.

Is there any way of having this type of functionality on PPT? Edit: To be really clear, I want to have Ctrl-a work the same as [home] and Ctrl-e work the same as [end].

I’ve done a fair amount of VBA on Excel but close to 0 on PPT and can’t figure this out. I was trying the following:

Sub Home()
' First I want to get a reference to the TextForm that spans all
' the text of the current block/shape. The approach below doesnt work
' reliably :(
Set Parent = ActiveWindow.Selection.Parent.TextForm
Start = ActiveWindow.Selection.TextRange.Start
Line = 0
e = 0
Do While (e < Start)
  ' In this loop I check each line until one of them runs past the start
  ' of the selection. The cursor should then move to the beginning of this
  ' line
  Line = Line + 1
  e = e + Parent.Lines(e, 1).Length

' This next line actually moves the cursor to the beginning of the line
Parent.Lines(e, 1).Characters(0, 0).Select

End Sub

Is there a simpler (i.e., single command like in DOC) way to accomplish this?


I’ve narrowed down the issues to one thing:

How can I get a reference to aTextRange that encompasses the beginning and end of the line containing the cursor?